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The Artist  & Brand Story


      Jessie  Jessup is a Marine Artist out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Her intentions are for creating this Brand arose from her driven passion for marine art and the ocean. Her career began at South Broward High school in her senior year of 2013 when she took an art class. All of her art assignments were art pieces of marine life of the ocean. By the time the class ended she had a whole portfolio full of marine inspired artwork. Jessie then decided to put one of those pieces on a few shirts to see how they would look. After doing so, her class mates bought a few from her. Then she was asked to produce more! So she did and shortly after, business took off and the brand was born, Jessie Jessup Apparel, LLC.

       The brand is designed around the marine industry of Fort Lauderdale, being the second largest marine industry in the world. Her goal is to share her brand and get people on board to help spread ocean awareness so everyone together can make an impact to protect our worlds oceans.


     As we all know, the ocean and its diverse amount of marine animals and corals are being destroyed. They are being killed off faster than they ever have before.  Over the last 4 years in business, Jessie has been working with The Billfish Foundation and other marine organizations to help make a difference in the the ocean through her art.


    In 2012, before her company took off, Jessie helped coordinate a billfish art show in downtown Hollywood, Florida. The pieces in the show were created by South Broward High School students who gave the gallery and the organization permission to sell their pieces to the public through a biding process. In the end, Jessie and her High School art professor, Susan Ostheim, were able to raise over $600 to donate to The Billfish Foundation to put towards their education program. Jessie was also recognized and published as Marine Student of the Year in Fort lauderdale for this generous fundraiser.


     Jessie has many art pieces she will be bringing to the table in the future years that will be offered to the public through her marine apparel and other gear. A portion of all profits made any purchases will be donated to The Billfish Foundation's Education Program to help teach students and adults about ocean conservation, especially Billfish Conservation. She will seeking to work with many marine magnet schools and do het best to change the views people have about the ocean.


    She says "Hopefully many more great opportunities will be coming up so I'm able to help change the marine crisis of the world and make the change". 





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