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Need Custom Gear?

       Have a logo and want your own shirts made? Well, you have come to the right place. With fast turn-around times and great quality, we now offer a service where you can get shirts of your own! To get pricing, email us with the below details for a customized quote just for you!



  • How many locations on the shirt you want to be printed (EX: front chest, back, Sleeves)

  • Are you purchasing for resale or for your own use?

  • Long sleeve or Short sleeve?

  • Shirt color 

  • Shirt type: cotton, polyester, blend?

  • Printing type: Sublimation ( light colored polyester garments) or Transfer (light & darks shirts made from polyester and cotton)

  • How many shirts?

  • Do you need art made (range from $150 - $350)?

Other products we can customize: 

  • BUFFS (minimum of 25)

  • VINYL UV STICKERS (minimum of 100)

  • COOZIES (Bottle & Can minimum of 15)

  • Straw Hats (minimum of 10 with local pickup only, VERY EXPENSIVE TO SHIP)


NOTE: Without all these details, we wont get back to you as fast since we will need to keep conversing to get all the details needed to get you an accurate quote. 

 See Some of our work below!

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