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Wholesale Ordering

To become a a Jessie Jessup Retailer, you'll need to complete the steps below:

1. Fill out and Email : Store Application & Info Form ( file found below)

2. Fill out and Email : Credit Card Authorization Form ( file found below)

3. Email your Resale Tax Certificate (example of file found below)

4. Email All three items above to


After we receive these documents, we will process then approve or decline your paperwork within 24 hours . If approved, you can start ordering! Simply email us your order and we will process and ship! If two weeks pass and we have not gotten back to you, then we have not received your emails.


Rules & Notes: 

  • If your credit card info changes at any time, you must refill out the CC form and email to us.

  • You must NEVER sell any products ONLINE for less than what they are sold for on our website. If we catch you breaking this rule, you will never be able to order with us again. In store you may sell for what ever price you please.

  • Your are responsible for shipping.

  • No coupons should ever be used when ordering wholesale.

  • All orders ship out within 2-10 days of receiving order confirmation (Some products take longer. We will update you during processing, which products take longer. )

  • If you have any questions or need to make changes to any orders, contact Jessie at (954).303.5902 or email

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