There are many other organizations working on marine conservation and other environmental issues such as biodiversity, global warming and even species population. You don't have to be in a part of the organization to help out solve these problems. You can simply pick up a piece of trash or even reduce the amount of fertilizer you put on your lawns that will make a vast difference. We hope to see a healthy ocean free of pollution and teaming with life. We hope to see clean beaches, magnificently colored coral reefs crowded with a multitude of fish, octopuses, squid, and sharks. We hope to see ocean waters free of excess carbon dioxide which allows for normal acidity levels so that clams and snails can build their shells and corals can continue to grow... We want to see an ocean filled with a sustainable number of schools of tuna, cod, groupers, snappers, mackerels... We want to see pods of whales and dolphins free of the threat of harpoons, nets, pollution.... Our future ocean has few dead zones with waters restored to their healthy oxygen-rich state... in balance once again. To see mangroves and estuaries restored providing the much needed marine life nurseries for manatees and dugongs would change so much... We want to see beaches filled with the nests of sea turtles and coastlines crowded with hatchlings as they find their way back to the sea each year. But none of this will be possible if we, as the human population, don't change our habits.

What Can We Do To Help??

       Created to focus on the expansion of responsible fisheries management, recognizing that influencing decision makers with sound science was a crucial step in accomplishing successful billfish conservation.

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