Fish Splatter Pet Neckerchief



-Microfiber/poly blend tubular designed for dogs.

-Designed for Average Size Dogs with neck widths between: 9"-11"

-Designed to wick away moisture in an efficient and fast way.

-Strechable capabilities to an extent.

-Ideal for high intensity activities.

-One Size available 

- Ideal for these example size dogs: Dobermans, great danes, boxers etc.


Hitting The Road 

The next stop for this Marine Artist:

Upper Keys Rotary Gigantic

Nautical Marine Flea Market 

WhenSaturday 8am - 5pm

              Sunday 9am - 3pm
Where: Founders Park • MM 87 Bayside • Islamorada

Admission:   $5 each person to fund college fundraiser

                        Kids 17 & under FREE


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