Teal Tarpon Scales Pet Collar

Teal Tarpon Scales Pet Collar


These top of the line dog/cat collars are made of polyester material with dyed art through a sublimation printing process.


Small: Fits necks measuring 4-11" made with 5/8" collar material

Medium: Fits necks measuring 10-19"  made with  1" collar material

Large: Fits necks measuring 16-26"  made with 1" collar material



  • Buckles and hardware are best on the market 
  • Buckles made of 1.5", 1", or 0.5" (38mm) plastic (male end is nylon, female end is acetal) with large finger access areas for engagement and release easily. They are also contured/curved to fit nicely against dog/pets neck.
  • Hardware is nickle plated. 
  • Printed and sewn in the USA 
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